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Brazilian Keratine – Conditioner

AED 11.88 VAT
For Hair Treated with Brazilian Keratine – Conditioner -300ml

Evagarden Flare Primer

AED 165.00 VAT
Flare Primer Evagarden make up is a powerful, moisturizing and skin-perfecting face primer, enriched with rejuvenating properties. It protects the

Evagarden Hydrafix (Makeup Fixer)

AED 100.00 VAT
Hydrafix Evagarden make up is the fixer to spray after completing your make-up to fix it, with Blue Light Protection.

Evagarden Makeup 3 In 1 Eye Complex

AED 198.00 VAT
3 in 1 Eye Complex by EVAGARDEN make up is a complete treatment for the eye area that combines 3 actions in 1: anti-eye

Evagarden Makeup Aquaproof Mascara 09

AED 105.00 VAT
Sun, rain, snow, sea, swimming pool: the EVAGARDEN make up Aquaproof Mascara withstands in any situation, does not stain, does

Evagarden Makeup Extreme Volume Mascara

AED 105.00 VAT
EVAGARDEN make up Extreme Volume Mascara with a spectacular effect, it coats the eye lashes for maximum volume, long wear

Evagarden Makeup Eye Liner 10 Black Gel Pot

AED 100.00 VAT
The Evagarden make up black Gel Eyeliner  hyperpigmented  for graphic make up, leaves a  long lasting, distinctive line with varying thickness.

Evagarden Makeup Eye Primer

AED 110.00 VAT
Good-bye lid lines! EVAGARDEN make up Eye Primer is the first eye primer with anti-aging properties that guarantees long wearability to eye shadow and will have

Evagarden Makeup Eyebrow Gel Fixer

AED 77.00 VAT
EVAGARDEN make up Eyebrow Gel Fixer is a fluid and transparent gel to be applied on your eyebrows to comb

Evagarden Makeup Gel Lash Repair

AED 99.00 VAT
EVAGARDEN make up Lash Repair Gel is a treating gel to strengthen lashes. It is an actual treatment that helps

Evagarden Makeup Hyperbolic Mascara 08

AED 105.00 VAT
EVAGARDEN make up Hyperbolic Mascara is a mascara with a new-generation formula for incredibly curved lashes. With every application the

Evagarden Makeup Incredible Mascara 014

AED 105.00 VAT
EVAGARDEN make up Incredible Mascara is a mascara with a revolutionary mini brush in elastomer with internal reservoir for an

Evagarden Makeup Liquid Eye Liners – Black-01

AED 68.00 VAT
EVAGARDEN make up Eye Liner is the fluid eye liner with a thin latex applicator, for quick and precise application to

Evagarden Makeup Mascara Color Vibes

AED 105.00 VAT
Incredibly longer, extra black eyelashes with EVAGARDEN Wonder Long Mascara. Its extremely deep, intense and velvety black colour is due

Evagarden Makeup Mascara Panorama

AED 115.00 VAT
Evagarden make up Panorama Mascara, incredible length and volume for an amazing panorama effect! Increasingly long, voluminous, thicker and curved

Evagarden Power Definition Mascara 018

AED 120.00 VAT
Power Definition Mascara EVAGARDEN make-up is the mascara with an extraordinarily thin and curved brush, which lengthens, curves and defines

Evagarden Primer Lash Mascara 02

AED 120.00 VAT
Primer Mascara EVAGARDEN make up is an exclusive and effective white base, that amplifies the finish of every Evagarden mascara.

Evagarden Primer Matt 03 – Pelli Grasse

AED 165.00 VAT
Matte Primer Evagarden Make up is a pore refiner and mattifying face primer, specifically designed to smooth the skin whilst