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aromade oud

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AED 149.00 VAT
Acacia – Acacia is heavily inspired by the classic precious identity combined with the modern lifestyle. This classic scent is designed

Bakhoor Al Hoda

AED 109.00 VAT
A fragrance designed to reflect Oudhy notes, Bakhoor Al Hoda is an oriental concentrate that reflects traditional notes that appeal

Bakhoor No 1

AED 119.00 VAT
Bakhoor No 1 is for those who love a well sated, sweetened perfume, especially in the mornings, for freshness that

Bakhoor Oud Abiyad

AED 109.00 VAT
There is nothing that will give you a better sense of freshness more than the scent of Bakhoor Oud AbiyadWeight

Bakhoor Oud Aswad 

AED 119.00 VAT
A blend of pure musk essence, showered with irresistible attractions and an enticing friendly aroma, captivating every heart that comes

Bint Al Aisha

AED 149.00 VAT
There is a strong connection between incense and emotions, use the musk for relaxation, and use the sandal wood for

Bonito Scent

AED 159.00 VAT
Bonito – Bonito is Inspired by royalty. A deep, rich scent, it begins with a unique blend of Pink Pepper,

Cloud 9

AED 159.00 VAT
Cloud 9 – “An aura of time where the soul creates a new dimension to reality…” Cloud 9 is creating


AED 149.00 VAT
Idris – The fragrance of faithfulness, Idris is a precious oriental and woody perfume that enhances the way you believe

Incense De Oud

AED 109.00 VAT
In one word, an incense that represents authenticity of heritage and depth of civilization, made of splendid lavender beauty, painting

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